Illuminate Creative Group is a production company with a one-of-a-kind mission: to elevate today’s landscape with art that leaves a truly positive impact. Founded by 23-year-old singer/songwriter Caroline Renezeder, the L.A.-based outfit was sparked from an emphatic belief in creativity’s power to effect profound transformation and change. In making that belief a reality, the company goes above and beyond to support every aspect of creative expression, carefully forging a whole new path for artists who aim to uplift and inspire.



For Renezeder, Illuminate Creative Group stems from a lifetime of pursuing a deep-seated musical passion. After breaking into the music industry on her own at age 14, the classically trained musician self-released her first single at age 18, and continued working on her music while studying writing at the University of Southern California. When it came time to deliver her debut single “Show Me”—a 2017 collaboration with Grammy Award-nominated songwriter/producer Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd (Justin Bieber, Sam Smith)—Renezeder followed her entrepreneurial instincts and took complete charge of the song’s rollout. Upon discovering her undeniable business savvy, she soon launched Illuminate Creative Group and moved forward with a longtime goal of empowering others to fulfill their artistic vision.



With “Show Me” marking the inaugural release from Illuminate Creative Group, Renezeder next assembled a team of fellow young artists harboring a shared dream of making music with purpose. Over the past two years, that team has redefined what’s possible for a production company, bringing equal parts imagination and intention to such undertakings as the release party for Renezeder’s debut EP Afraid of the Dark—a May 2019 event that turned Hollywood’s Quixote Studios into the physical manifestation of her hypnotic and highly immersive R&B-pop.



Since graduating from USC in December 2018, Renezeder has expanded Illuminate Creative Group’s endeavors to include such services as tour production and artist development. But even as its reach continues to grow, the company remains closely guided by the outwardly focused philosophy reflected in its name: an element inspired by a 2018 trip to Peru, in which Renezeder took part in a festival for the Incan sun god and experienced a life-changing revelation about the moon’s unique ability to light up the darkness. In that spirit of creating light and giving back, Renezeder has committed to donating a portion of Illuminate Creative Group proceeds to charity, ultimately establishing the company as a potent force of positivity on virtually every level.

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